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Real Estate & Property Management Services


Realtor / Real Estate Answering Services

Let's face it: As a busy realtor, you're showing properties, sitting through settlements, ordering property signs, and talking up prospective buyers at weekend open houses. You know all too well that an unanswered call could result in a prospective buyer or seller choosing another real estate agent, and losing out on a possible commission. Don't be the agent who misses out on a new customer just because you're already busy.

AnswerPro provides friendly and professional telephone agents who act as an extension of your office - making sure that no call goes unanswered, and that your voicemail messages are brief and to-the-point. Potential customers who are able to leave a message with a live person are more likely to wait for a response from you before calling another agent than those who get voicemail - which is the perfect reason to use our professional realtor answering services.

AnswerPro can:

  • Filter and process prospective leads
  • Schedule appointments for you
  • Help manage your client workload
  • Relay messages to you via text or email so you don't have to constantly check your voicemail
  • Reduce wasted time by condensing long-winded client messages to more succinct ones

Property Management Answering Services

Property Managers know that an emergency maintenance issue like a leak or flood, faulty wiring, or a fallen tree could cause a significant amount of damage and come at a large price, if not properly attended to. That's precisely why most property managers use an after-hours answering service like AnswerPro to handle tenant calls in the evenings and overnight.

Our phone operators are trained to handle tenant emergencies with professionalism and urgency. They gather critical information quickly, and notify you or your on-call manager immediately with accurate information so that no time is wasted. With our customized call center services, at your request we can even dispatch on-call technicians or notify emergency disaster remediation services, should conditions warrant such action.

If you are currently using a property management answering service, and would like a quote to find out how AnswerPro can provide the same or better service for less, contact us today to speak with one of our call center consultants at 1-866-842-9400.